The Victory of the Resurrection

Jesus’ Resurrection changes everything.  Without it, his would have been another life ended in death, and our human condition would still be doomed to its fallen state.  By contrast, the gates of Heaven were opened, the glory of God was revealed, and human nature was given the opportunity to share in divine life.  Moreover, Jesus did not stop after his Resurrection but instead came to us, showed us tangible proof of his great work, and invited us to mercy and restoration.

Mary Magdalene’s presence at the tomb on that first Easter morning demonstrates the path of Christ’s merciful love.  Here a woman who had known great sin, but who repented with sincerity of heart, is granted the great privilege of witnessing Jesus first among all his followers.  He calls her by name and assuages her fear.  During this Easter Octave, think of how directly Jesus wishes to demonstrate his merciful love to each of us.  He is calling you by name.  He is calling you out of your current state, and he is offering you a greater gift of his love.  May we all gain confidence in his love so that we may receive fully of the graces showered upon us from his Sacred Heart!

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