Father, forgive them…

As Jesus hangs upon the cross he utters these incredible words; “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Have these words truly sunk into our own lives? How often are we quick to justify our actions, our sins, but then we turn around demand retribution for any wrong done against us? This forgiveness, given by Christ from the Cross, first to the Good Thief and then to all of mankind is not something to be taken lightly.
The cost of our salvation hangs upon every crucifix; meditate before the cross today and allow the weight of God the Father’s love for us to sink in. Jesus is our model and we must realize that his example is one of complete obedience to the Will of the Father. We sin because we choose to follow our own wills and desires. We do not take the time to bring our struggles to the Lord and ask Him to help us become humble servants.
It all starts with our ability to truly receive God’s mercy and allow it to heal our wounds caused by our sinfulness. This is what St. Faustina was asked to share with the world when our Lord appeared to her in Poland. The Divine Mercy of God is like a vast ocean and our sins are but drops of water in that ocean. Will we first bathe in His mercy and allow ourselves to be renewed in His grace? Then, will we pray and fast for those who have not repented of their sins and received His mercy? Will we be mercy for the world around us? Too many of us hold on to the past and allow it to rob us of our peace with Christ. Too many of us hold grudges, are vengeful, or are just too consumed with anger to allow Christ’s peace to reign in our lives.
Today is the day when we are invited to begin the Divine Mercy Novena. Today is the day when we are invited to approach the cross; to walk on holy ground, and allow the love of Christ crucified to set us free.
Do not let today pass you by without begging the Lord to set your heart on fire with His mercy. Do not let today go by without forgiving those who have wronged you. Do not let today go by without forgiving yourself for not being perfect.
Allow our Lady to show you the way to her Son. She took to heart those words from the cross and loved those who had crucified her Son. She would not allow resentment or hatred to fill her heart; for her heart was aflame with God’s mercy and love. Today our Lord cries out, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He is seeking us out, let us run to Him and bathe in His mercy.