Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

“Be not afraid.” This is a phrase used consistently by Jesus in the Gospels and repeated frequently by the late Bl. John Paul II.  Fear seems so natural, and even inevitable, with the problems our world possesses and the individual trials that we each face.  With all of these difficulties, why does Jesus make such a command?  How can he tell us so boldly to let go of fear?  Jesus offers a key to the freedom of the children of God.  For those who choose to carry all of their own burdens, they face many, and even daunting, fears because they are personally responsible for procuring their resolution.  They have to be their own savior.  Jesus comes as Lord and Savior.  He is Lord over death and more powerful than any oppressive force.  He is Savior meaning that he desires to rescure us from the forces of evil and from our own burdens.  “Be not afraid.”  Let Jesus be Lord of your life.  Trust in him and his love for you.  Let go of fear and live in the freedom and joy designed for all of God’s children.

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