October Baby and the struggle with commitment

October Baby and a test of commitment
Lately I’ve been thinking about a reflection my brother (Fr. Paul Rutten) gave on our cultures struggle with commitment; whether it is a commitment to a party or a married relationship, our culture fears commitment. The example he talked about was evites. The fact that we can select maybe as a response for an evite, instead of yes or no, is new to our culture. There are many reasons for selecting maybe but I tend to think we might want to attend, but we don’t want to be committed in case something else comes up.
I experienced this trial of commitment myself last week when I went to the movie October Baby. I went the last night it was showing in town and after I ordered my ticket, I heard a guy behind me ask for a ticket to the Godfather. Caught off guard by the request, I slowly walked away and pondered the situation. As I was trying to comprehend how he could be going to the Godfather, I saw the sign in the theater advertizing a one-time showing of the Godfather part II and it happened to be that day. My problem was that I was already committed to October Baby and I had bought my ticket.
A battle in my heart began to be waged. Should I go to October Baby or change my mind and go sneak into an all-time Hollywood classic, the Godfather. My brother’s reflection on our cultures inability to commit to things came to mind and I felt myself called to stick with my first commitment, although everything else in my body was telling me to go to the Godfather. My brothers wisdom won the day and I went to October Baby.
If you have seen the movie, you know I made the right decision. If you have not seen the movie, it is a must see when it is released. It is a truly powerful story with lessons of love, forgiveness and ultimately the mercy of God. I also learned that the spiritual battle of commitment to Christ is waged in many small ways every day. In small ways everyday our fidelity to God and others is tested. Some day the test won’t be as light-hearted as a decision between two movies, it will be between heaven and hell. It is our small commitments today which will strengthen us for the big commitments in the end.
Make it a great day!

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