Imitating Mary’s Immaculate Heart

Standing at the Cross of her Son, Mary unveiled the beauty of the human heart, the beauty of the feminine heart.  There she bore with great compassion the suffering of her divine Son.  Throughout her life, she experienced the profound communion between God and man within her own womb.  She lived the intimate love of a mother and child with the additional gift of meditating with awe upon this boy who was so incomparably great yet so humble.  She received love greater than any other human being had ever known.

Despite the incredible beauty of her Son’s love, Mary experienced an inexpressible pain by facing its rejection from the human race.  She saw this man, deserving of only love and worship, hated and killed.  Herein lies the beauty of Mary’s Immaculate Heart.  Her heart so pure and loving deserved only loved in return, yet she was pierced by the sins of humanity and watched in agony as it was manifested in her Son’s Passion.  So many of us would respond to this rejection by ceasing to love.  We would harden our hearts and allow jadedness and even bitterness to take love’s place.  Mary instead responded with even greater love.  She became the Mother of the Church and the spiritual Mother of us all seeking to return us to the gift of God’s mercy.  She shows to us that the response to suffering is not rejection but, rather, greater love.  During this Lenten season, may we find in the heart of Mary a deeper understanding of the freedom and joy lived in a truly Christian heart.

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